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What Your Wedding Colors Say About You

The colors you choose for your big day reflect your personality and style. You can create a sophisticated environment or a whimsical escape. Colors can influence moods and exude sensuality, coziness, earthiness and youthfulness. With tasteful variations from vibrant to pastel and shimmery to matte, your wedding day colors speak volumes about you and what you hold dear. Whether you choose your favorite colors for your wedding or select hues to complement the current season, we have compiled a list of some wedding color choices and what they say...


Thinking about having an Engagement Party?

Setting the Engagement Party Date An engagement party usually takes place within a couple months of the proposal. That said, if you’re planning to have a longer engagement, feel free to wait several months. Just make sure that your engagement party takes place closer to the time of your engagement than it does to your wedding date. Compiling the Engagement Party Guest List Anyone invited to your engagement party should ultimately be invited to your wedding, so the size of your engagement party guest list is really dependent upon...


How To Choose Your Wedding Dress

When it comes to clothing purchases, the wedding gown is in a class of its own. No other garment is as “it has to be perfect” as this one, and it’s probably the finest and most expensive item of clothing you’ll ever buy. Exciting? Yes. Scary? Not if you use these tips.  1. Start Early  Ideally, you should begin shopping nine months before your wedding date. This will allow for a stress-free pace and is very important if you’re buying a custom-made gown (as opposed to an off-the-rack one),...


Things No One Tells You About Getting Engaged

No matter how long you and your fiance’ dated or how many times you’ve been a bridesmaid in your friends’ weddings, there are some truths you just don’t find out about until you get engaged. 1. You’ll have a big zit on your chin the day he proposes. Okay, maybe you won’t (or didn’t). But the point is that whatever fantasy proposal you had dreamed up (at the most romantic place in the world, wearing the most perfect dress, with the best hair and complexion you’ve ever had) isn’t...


Day of Wedding Coordinator, why hire one???

   BECAUSE You are the bride and should be carrying a bouquet, not a clipboard!  BECAUSE You will need to have someone to pull all the elements of your day together and save your sanity!  BECAUSE After months of planning and years of dreaming, you envision a flawless event without complications and need to rely on a wedding day coordinator to see that everything falls into place.  BECAUSE You have no interest in being the director, producer and crew in the production entitled “My Wedding”. You prefer to be...


Wedding Dilemmas and How to Avoid Them

These are some reasons why you should hire a PLANNER /COORDINATOR     Everyone knows your wedding is supposed to be the happiest and most stress-free day of your life. So rest assured, because we’ve listed seven of the most common wedding day dilemmas and how you can avoid them.Wedding Dilemma: Wedding Pro No Show The last thing you’ll want to do on the day of your wedding is track down a missing wedding cake or put out an APB for your florist. Days before your wedding, be sure to...


The polite way to say “you are not invited”

Here is something that I found…  I know its not easy when making a decision on who or who not to invite to your wedding or event… The bottom line is that you are not going to please everyone, and you most certainly are not going to manage to invite everyone to your wedding. Not to be blunt about it, but you’re probably going to agonise over the guest list for at least a couple of weeks, whilst deciding just who does, or doesn’t come to your wedding. Begin with...


Color, Colors and more colors for 2012

Hello Brides for 2012,  here is some information for you… Fun and Funky Colors Some of the hottest new colors for 2012 weddings are, well, hot. Bright, bold, saturated tones are really in right now. Look for colors like hot pink, bright orange, and Kelly green as you’re planning your wedding. You can often balance the visual impact of these choices with deep jewel tones, such as purple, navy, and even the chocolate brown that has been and will remain popular. Of course, one of the best ways to...


Top Wedding Songs

I truly enjoy music and some of the following were listed as top wedding songs: Enjoy!! From this moment on – Shania Twain Love’s Divine – Seal Power of Love – Jennifer Rush Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol Lucky – Jason Mraz More – Bobby Darin The way you look tonight – Frank Sinatra At Last – Etta James Because you love me – Celine Dion Come away with me – Norah Jones Your Song – Elton John You’re all I need – Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell Amazed...


Dating and no RING yet…..

So you have been dating and still no ring. How long is too long??? Is is ok for the female to propose? loads of questions…. The Bible says… a man who finds a wife, finds a good thing.  What are you waiting for????…. find your Wife… and when you do, call me or have her call to help you plan the wedding. Don’t forgot… I also, plan showers, parties, bascially any event. Have a blessed day

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