Color, Colors and more colors for 2012

Hello Brides for 2012,  here is some information for you…

Fun and Funky Colors

Some of the hottest new colors for 2012 weddings are, well, hot. Bright, bold, saturated tones are really in right now. Look for colors like hot pink, bright orange, and Kelly green as you’re planning your wedding. You can often balance the visual impact of these choices with deep jewel tones, such as purple, navy, and even the chocolate brown that has been and will remain popular. Of course, one of the best ways to make your colors look fun and funky is to pair up colors that don’t necessarily ‘go’ together. Try hot pink and navy or turquoise and purple for an interesting pop.

 Sophisticated Colors

For brides who want a more sophisticated and elegant feel, the colors are dusty and almost a bit old-fashioned. Think dusty pear green, light tangerine, light aqua, and gold. These colors can be paired with interesting new accent colors like grey, chestnut, and beige. Colors like these tend to work well with traditional wedding colors like ivory and can add an interesting element to invitations and decorations.

 Pairing Colors

One of the latest and greatest trends for wedding colors is, again, the pairing of colors you wouldn’t normally think of together. In 2009 and 2010, this took the form of chocolate brown or black paired with bright jewel tones, turquoises, and pinks. This trend of dark and light colors together won’t be going away in 2011 or 2012.

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