Day of Wedding Coordinator, why hire one???


 BECAUSE You are the bride and should be carrying a bouquet, not a clipboard! 

BECAUSE You will need to have someone to pull all the elements of your day together and save your sanity! 

BECAUSE After months of planning and years of dreaming, you envision a flawless event without complications and need to rely on a wedding day coordinator to see that everything falls into place. 

BECAUSE You have no interest in being the director, producer and crew in the production entitled “My Wedding”. You prefer to be the actor.This is where I step in. As an experienced Day Of Wedding Coordinator, I can and have expertly played all of these roles and will ensure that your wedding day is pleasant, delightful and stress-free.

Hiring a Day-of Wedding Coordinator is a popular option for brides looking to plan their wedding themselves, but who want someone else to coordinate the details on the actual big day, as well as handle any problems that may arise because being the leading actors in your wedding story is challenging and exhilarating enough to also worry about other details.

 Bring in a Day-of Coordinator (DOC) and leave the “lights, camera, action” (and everything in between) to an expert who will play these roles:

Sweat – I can sweat without anyone even noticing! I handle all the logistics of the day for you so you can keep your “Happy Glow”.

Calm – I’ve done this before. I have the instincts on how to handle every situation that arises. From stains on your gown to a fainting bridesmaid…I’ve been there, done that. My experience is why you hire a Day-of-Wedding Coordinator.

Juggle – Vendors to table décor to rehearsal to timelines to chair covers and bows to tie…I juggle everything so it comes out flawless in the end.

Direct – Where do I sit? Where is the restroom? When do I show up for pictures? Where is my corsage? Where can I plug in my equipment? What should the cake table look like? How does this lighting look? Do you have my final payment? What time is the first dance? Where is the limo? Did the cake arrive? Can someone bustle my gown? Where are the bride and groom?


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