What Your Wedding Colors Say About You

The colors you choose for your big day reflect your personality and style. You can create a sophisticated environment or a whimsical escape. Colors can influence moods and exude sensuality, coziness, earthiness and youthfulness. With tasteful variations from vibrant to pastel and shimmery to matte, your wedding day colors speak volumes about you and what you hold dear. Whether you choose your favorite colors for your wedding or select hues to complement the current season, we have compiled a list of some wedding color choices and what they say about you.


A conservative choice, black complements almost any color, especially lighter
hues. Dignified and mysterious, black denotes sexiness and sophistication with
a modern twist. Black is classic, never trendy, alluding to a modern bride. As
an opulent choice, black is timelessly elegant.


Symbolic of purity and innocence, white has strong connotations of youth and perfection. White aficionados seek excellence and enlightenment, as simplicity and recognition are constant ventures. White is a glorious hue (or lack thereof)
that denotes a clean palette or fresh start for those who seek serenity and


A passionate, romantic choice, red is impulsive and outgoing. Depicted as zealous and ambitious, red symbolizes love and rage. Whether it denotes joy,
celebration, happiness or prosperity, red elicits a dramatic response from both
sides of the emotional spectrum. Red lovers tend to be restless and optimistic
and go along with people with uncomplicated natures. A powerful selection, red
is sure to represent a fiery hostess with ‘look at me’ flair.


A softer, girlish choice, pink is the sweeter side of red. A delicate hue, pink
represents a sensitive heart that is affectionate and nurturing. The bride
surrounded with pink has a maternal grace and compassion and a desire for protection or shelter. The rosy hue fan may also have a strong personality, but one that is willing to share.


Spontaneous and daring, brides who choose orange are bold. Because orange is a happy and trendy hue, orange enthusiasts tend to be popular, have excessive
energy and are part of a large social circle. From a bright and happy backdrop
to an exotic, spicy richness, brides who prefer orange tend to be fearless and
curious, with a zest for life.


The color of a sunny day, yellow denotes happiness and hope. Exuding warmth and vitality and usually possessing a great sense of humor, people who love yellow have cheerful spirits and optimistic values. You tend to look forward to the future and are intellectual, creative and idealistic. Yellow represents
enlightenment and spirituality, lending itself as a great color on your day of


Green shades symbolize life, freshness, nature and fertility. A common choice
for eco-friendly brides, green shows that you value your health and the
environment. A harmonized and balanced color, green is a mixture of warm yellow and cool blue, just like its admirers. A calming and tranquil hue, brides who select green are affectionate, frank and responsible. You seek stability and
balance, yet remain fiercely principled and refined.


Soothing, compassionate and cool, blue is the color of tranquility and royalty.
Blue belles are deliberate, introspective, conservative and patient, tending to
be sensitive and wise. Serene and cool, blue denotes cautious partners who are
faithful but require a calm and harmonious existence. From watery aqua to a
deep shade of midnight, blue can be soft and sweet or strong and bold.


Often associated with both royalty and luxury, purple is a passionate color.
Choosing purple symbolizes dignity, tolerance and value. Violet lovers tend to
be unconventional and observant, with a multifaceted personality. Tolerant and
witty, purple devotees are likely to achieve authoritative positions. From
light lavender and lilac buffs, who tend to be charming, witty and cultured, to
deep eggplant lovers, who are creative and talented, purple can be provocative
or sweet.


A natural, neutral color of the earth, brown represents wholesomeness and
dependability. Symbolizing comfort and contentment, brown represents honesty. Just right for your wedding day, brown is substantial, steady and responsible. From rich chocolate and dark coffee to cream and soft beige, this earthy shade can be intense or pale, dramatic or modest.

The aforementioned color synopses are not strict rules or character definitions,
but rather are designed as an indicator of what is important to you. Whether
you select a spicy orange to match the falling autumn leaves or a peony pink simply because it is your favorite color, choose what looks and feels good to you.
Your natural selection is indicative of your true self and innate style

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