People ask why event planning and I simply say…… because I love it, I have a dream, I see the vision, I am detailed, organized, love people and for many more reasons.


(Q) Will the coordinator commit to your budget and not push you in the direction of things you simply can’t afford?
(A)  Yes, Designs of Elegance will commit to your budget.   Most clients get anxious to include every little thing in their event but it is my job as a coordinator to keep things in perspective. 
(Q) Will the coordinator devise a master plan mapping out all the little details, from announcement to decor?
 (A) Yes, we will have a plan for every client.   If you are the type of client who wishes to know every  little  detail then that’s what you will receive.   You will be clued into the organizational and design detail as your event progresses.
(Q) Can the coordinator name the best and most original locations in your area (that would be suitable to your party size, style, and budget)?
 (A)  If  Designs of Elegance is not familiar with a location,  It will be a priority to visit different locations until a suitable site is found. 
(Q) Is the coordinator familiar with the best florists, photographers, caterers, bands, and DJs in your price range?
 (A)  Designs of Elegance has a list of vendors that clients can choose  but will always make sure to find the right fit for  each client. 
(Q) Can the coordinator score you some discounts with any vendors?
 (A)  Sure we can,  it is in the best interest of the client for  Designs of Elegance to obtain the best prices.   Sticking to the budget and some. 
(Q) Will the coordinator read over the vendor contracts for you?
 (A) Yes, we certainly will
(Q) Can the coordinator create a timeline that tells everyone involved in the planning process?
 (A)  Yes, it is the policy of Designs of Elegance to hold a meeting with all involved parties.  All will received a schedule to what is expected and when.    During the course of the event a follow-up will be made. 
(Q) Will the coordinator handle the invitations, from wording and ordering to the addressing and mailing?
(A)  Yes,  Designs of Elegance offers several packages,  If the chosen package includes the handling of invitations and RSVP then we certainly will.  
(Q) Can the coordinator counsel you on etiquette?
 (A) Yes, we can
 (Q) Will the coordinator organize delivery, arrival, and setup times with photographer, florist, musicians, caterer/banquet manager, et al?
(A)  Yes but it also depends on the package chosen
 (Q) For the day of the event, will the coordinator be willing to oversee the entire event by supervising vendors, troubleshooting emergencies, and soothing nerves?
(A) Yes,  it is very important for Designs of Elegance to oversee the day of event


 (Q)  What is the difference between day-of coordination and full-service consulting? 

(A)  There are many.  But the main difference is the amount of planning services a client receives.  Day-of coordination is designed for couples who have completed their wedding plans, and want someone to ensure their event runs smoothly and to their satisfaction.

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